Hello! Fabulous Internet People. Hope You all are Doing Well☺️

I am a 16 Years Old girl named Mahima Singh Pahadia & nick name ‘Gracy’. I love being active On Social Media, mainly Instagram.Moreover I Love Writing Blogs,sharing my personal interests and daily activities. That’swhy I decided To become a Lifestyle Blogger.💛

Some Lifestyle Topics in which I am Interested are Family Life, Photography, DIY, Beauty.🌺

Currently I am in class 12th, a commerce student. I Am From Saharanpur UttarPradesh(India). I Love Spreading Happiness around me. I always want to be positive in each and every Situation Of my Life. I like solving my problems myself because I don’t like interference of others in my personal matters. Also, My First priority is myself only.

I also want to start my YouTube Channel but not now due to studies.

I Think Everybody should do everything they ever dreamed of. Just Say Yes, Just say there’s nothing holding you back. Don’t Let Fear of what others might think stop you. If it’s truly something you want to do. I have written blogs earlier too but Starting again on wordpress.

💛Join me In this Journey💛 Thankyouuuu🌼

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